Watch This Guy's Porsche Get Stolen From His Driveway

And just like that, it's gone.

Car thieves are dickheads. Plain and simple. Whether they steal your car for parts or for nothing more than a joyride, the anger, frustration, and inconveniences they cause for their victims outright suck. It’s too bad they can’t all get caught. But this Porsche owner from Canberra, Australia had a particularly annoying experience. Due to cold weather Down Under, Alec Cortez left his $110,000 (AUD) Porsche running on the driveway in order to warm it up before heading off to work.

He went back inside to finish getting ready and, in that short time, a thief hopped into the running car and drove off. Fortunately, the custom Porsche was recovered by police later that evening. But seriously though, pay attention to your car at all times, even if you do have security cameras inside and outside of your home.

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