Watch This Guy Save His 911 From A Runaway 918 Spyder

Even the smallest bumps are a big deal when you're driving a car worth as much as a house.

The owner of this 911 proves that when it comes to road rage, luxury car owners may be above losing their temper. According to the video’s description, the driver of the 918 was still getting used to the car and was distracted setting it up. That caused him to forget what he was doing and the hybrid supercar promptly rolled back into the 911. Now the 911 was given nothing more than a love tap, but that didn’t stop the driver from springing into action to save his car.

It looks like the guy in the 911 gave the occupants of the 918 a pretty stern talking to. Luckily for both no cars were damaged. Dude, put the brake on or just don’t start it at all.

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