Watch This Heroic Cop Bravely Face Down A Homicidal Car Thief

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Police chases don't get much crazier than this.

We've seen a ton of crazy dash cam videos here at CarBuzz, but only recently have we started to see more videos shot from the cameras of cops. Perhaps the craziest example came from Brazil, where officers in a helicopter were chasing and firing on a suspect in a truck. This video comes from Sand Springs, Oklahoma, and was shot from the body camera of officer Matt Stacy. Stacy and other officers had been chasing 41-year-old Stacy Bunsey as she went for a joy ride in a stolen SUV.

Bunsey turned into an elementary school parking lot before heading down the road and right toward Stacy. What happens next is nuts and what happens after that is even crazier. Seriously, we won't give away any other details, except to say that both Stacy and Bunsey amazingly suffered only minor injuries.

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