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Watch this Idiot Crash his Ferrari 550 Barchetta


Really, is it that hard to make a left-hand turn?

File this one under the dumbass category. If you were the owner of a Ferrari 550 Barchetta, of which just 448 examples came out of the Maranello factory, driving it carefully in traffic would make sense. After all, it’s part of a generation of supercars that no longer exists: analog. It doesn’t have a fancy schmancy F1-style gearbox; just a good old six-speed manual. Combined with its front-engined 5.5-liter V12 and roofless body, the 550 Barchetta is both rare and beautiful. But not everyone can handle its power. Like this guy, for example.

Making a left-hand turn was clearly a bit difficult for him due to the overdose of power. The Ferrari suffered some minor damage and was still drivable. The station wagon also took a hit, but it’s the Ferrari driver who’s at fault here.

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