Watch This Idiot Light A Cigarette On a GT-R's Exhaust Flame

He doesn't even wear a glove!

Shooting flames out of a car's exhaust is considered pretty cool, if not a little idiotic. Some people are definitely not responsible enough to be left alone with a car that also doubles as a flamethrower. Cars like the Lamborghini Aventador and Nissan GT-R have been known to shoot flames, and some individuals on YouTube have thought that trying to use the exhaust to light a cigarette would be funny. This latest bout of stupidity comes from YouTube channel Exotic Cars Of London.

The GTR is wrapped in rose gold and likely features many tuning upgrades. While being tested on the dyno, the car begins to shoot flames. The man in the video is brave enough (or crazy enough) to attempt to light his cigarette off of the flames. People are weird sometimes.

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