Watch This Idiot Light A Cigarette On A Lamborghini Exhaust Flame

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This guy nearly looses a limb.

Everyone loves a flame-shooting Lamborghini. They are flashy and powerful and somehow always manage to draw large crowds. The Lamborghini featured in this video is one of the craziest yet. Liberty Walk has outfitted it with LED color-changing lights and several other goodies. Oh, and it can spit flames over three feet. One brilliant spectator of this fire show whips out a cigarette and decides to light it from the flame. As you can see in the video he nearly gets his arm singed off, but then tries the stunt again and again.

In addition to watching this idiot nearly get third degree burns, this video has beautiful revs and accelerations, along with a cool light and fire show. Check it out for a good laugh your daily dose of supercar awesomeness.

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