Watch This Insane 520-HP Toyota GR Yaris Hit 11-Second Quarter Mile

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That's a new world record for the rally hatch.

We've enjoyed watching Gazoo Racing's Toyota Yaris on the world's most intricate tracks but some private owners have been able to exploit the Japanese hot hatch's all-wheel-drive system and compact turbocharged engine to make it quite the commendable machine down the drag strip. One such owner is Ebrahim Kanoo of EKanoo Racing.

Although details are slim, the blue GR Yaris seen here has been tuned up to 519 horsepower and 433 lb-ft of torque. That's quite a chunk more than the 1.6-liter three-cylinder gasoline's stock output of 261 hp and 273 lb-ft. As you can imagine, this particular car is no slouch down a straight line, which is exactly why it was able to break a world record at a recent race meet.

eKanooRacing/YouTube eKanooRacing/Instagram eKanooRacing/Instagram

Making this massively popular hot hatch the fastest GR Yaris on the planet is an impressive quarter-mile run of 11.02 seconds at 130 mph. This was achieved after two practice runs which were just over the 11-second mark as well. EKanoo Racing explains that these runs were all completed within 10 minutes of one another with no cooling sequence for the car. It also maintains the street-spec tires.

During these events, it's also noted that the GR Yaris's clutch started to slip which means that softer shifting movements were required. EKanoo Racing says that it plans to improve on these times even more next month after it fits a set of slick tires.

eKanooRacing/YouTube eKanooRacing/YouTube

This impressive run should come as no surprise as EKanoo Racing is more than familiar with engine modifications and drag racing. It currently operates in Bahrain and focuses on anything from dedicated dragsters builds to pristine detailing for Rolls Royce Phantoms. There's not much information regarding the specific details of this Yaris, but EKanoo Racing confirms that it does house a Motec M142 PNP kit, custom intercooler, reworked exhaust, and BMC air filter.

This build is not too far off from the 472-hp GR Yaris that recorded a time of 11.72 in Australia last year. That model featured everything from a bigger turbocharger and completely revised exhaust system to an uprated intercooler and more robust fuel system.

eKanooRacing/YouTube eKanooRacing/YouTube

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