Watch This Jeep Get Ripped in Two

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That's one way not to pull a car from the mud.

Jeep guys are an interesting bunch. They tend to be divided into those who use it to get groceries, and those who use it for what it was meant for: offroading and having some fun. Those in the latter group will know what's needed to be successful offroad, such as knowing how to get a stuck vehicle out from different situations. These guys seemed to have missed that class. In the video, we see a Jeep seriously stuck in the mud and in need of a pull. Instead of using a winch and securing it to the frame, someone ties a strap to the body of the jeep, and then to the back of a pickup.

The truck starts to pull away perpendicular to the jeep, and basically proceeds to rip the car in two. This has got to be a bad day for the owner, but the crowd seems to like it. Especially the camera man, who may or may not be Joe Pesci.

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