Natural Disaster

Watch This Jeep Wrangler Get Completely Swallowed By A Raging Texas Flood

Mother Nature wins. Again.

Heavy rains and insane flash floods have struck parts of Texas for the second year in a row. In Brenham, Texas (about 65 miles northwest of Houston), for example, over 22 inches of rain was recorded late last month. Those heavy rains continued their war path last week, too, striking even more of the Lone Star state. What you’re about to see happened in New Braunfels, Texas, not far from San Antonio. A Jeep Wrangler caught in the flood was literally swallowed. Yes. Swallowed. And then it was swept away.

There was nothing onlookers could do except to just stand there and watch. One of them managed to get the spectacle on film. So let this be a lesson: no matter how "tough" you think your truck or SUV is, it stands absolutely zero chance against Mother Nature.

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