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It turns out 576 horsepower and a Drift Mode are fun on a racetrack.

The Kia EV6 GT has been the talk of the town ever since it debuted last fall. The car's dual-motor setup produces 576 horsepower and 546 lb-ft of torque, sending power to all wheels with a rear-biased setup. Unsurprisingly, it has supercar acceleration with a claimed 3.4 second 0-60 mph (which just about everybody thinks is a bit conservative.)

When we got our hands on one, we rightfully called it a wannabe supercar killer. If you want to kill supercars though, you have to be great on the track, and we're happy to be able to confirm this thanks to a video posted by the YouTube channel L'argus. In the over 8-minute video, you get to witness an EV6 GT pushed to its limits on the world-famous Nurburgring the way Kia intended it.

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The video is called, "Nurburgring hot lap on board," and boy, they weren't kidding. The car is being absolutely whipped around the track, passing Porsche 911's and Mercedes AMG GTs like they're practically standing still. You really get an impressive sense of the acceleration of the vehicle as the car rockets towards its 161 mph top speed whenever the driver gets on the accelerator.

The driver also lets the car break loose multiple times during the video giving us a glorious aural soundtrack that is sure to make any gearhead smile. The car just seems like an absolute blast to drive, and we can't think of any better place to let it rip than perhaps the greatest track in the world.

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Regardless of how you feel about electric vehicles, when you watch videos like this it's hard to say they aren't the future. The instant torque and lack of shifting are just mesmerizing and feel like something straight out of a video game. In a way, it almost looks easy, until you see the car kick out and are reminded that without the skilled driver, this video would have ended terribly at the first-minute mark.

We posted another video not too long ago where a GT was allowed to stretch its legs on the German Autobahn; that one is also awesome to watch. Videos like these are getting us excited for the future things in store for Kia and its sibling Hyundai. Specifically, when Hyundai releases the N version of the Ioniq 5.

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In the past, we've heard now-retired Hyundai N boss Albert Biermann comment that the vehicle is going to be ridiculously fast thanks to it having "almost 600 horsepower." Now, with the EV6 GT having 576 hp that's a good benchmark, but maybe Hyundai will surprise us and offer something even hotter than what Kia's currently giving us.

We can get behind sibling rivalries, especially when they give us super powerful, competing cars. In our age of electric horsepower wars, it makes you rest easy knowing that just about every vehicle is going to have healthy to extreme amounts of power going forward.

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