Watch This Lady Pull Over A Cop After She Spots Him Speeding


Ballsy move, and the cop was classy as well.

A woman in Florida noticed a police officer was speeding and decided to follow the car in the hopes of being able to flag the driver down. After following the officer for a while, she eventually confronted the man behind the wheel. In an interesting turn of events, the lady takes some time to lecture the police officer on why driving at safe speeds is important. While the woman claims that the officer was "pushing 90 miles an hour," we doubt anything will come of the confrontation since the woman didn't have any video of the officer speeding.

The three videos below paint the entire picture of the lady trying to keep up with the officer to finally confronting him.

Miami-Dade Police Department director Juan Perez told CBS affiliate WFOR that the police department would be investigating the matter and would take an appropriate action if necessary.

A few years ago, a newspaper in Florida won a Pulitzer Prize for its investigation into off-duty officers speeding on the roadways. So this is a recurring theme with officers speeding in the state.

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