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Watch This Mercedes SLS Spit a Fireball

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And nearly cooks a guy's arm.

The upcoming retirement of the Mercedes SLS AMG GT is kind of tough to take. That gullwing delight will be gone forever along with that meaty growl of its naturally aspirated 6.2-liter V8. World Motorsports, like many other aftermarket tuners, still has plans for the car. An example of which is its RADO SLS Twin Turbo. The newly added boost kit adds even more horsepower to the already impressive 583 hp. And thanks to a few other upgrades, this SLS AMG also shoots fireballs.

Not just a few flames coming from its rear exhaust, but an actual fireball so powerful the guy sitting in the trunk nearly had his arm catch on fire. Oh SLS AMG, we're really going to miss you.

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