Watch This Miata Driver Pull Off Fiendish High-Speed Maneuver

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Was this a helping hand, or a crafty piece of gamesmanship?

After watching this video, the general consensus is that this high-speed maneuver pulled off during a Mazda MX-5 Cup race at Silverstone, UK, is awesomely fiendish. But there's something about the thumbs up given by James Rogers in car #69 after Ben Short in #4 slaps his side mirror closed. Surely his response should have been a raised middle finger or a simple "how dare you!" shake of the fist.

We suspect the thumbs up was more in recognition of the beautifully executed move, even though he had to spend the rest of the race not being able to see competitors coming up on his left side.The caption with the video says Rogers finished fifth. No podium but respectable given the handicap.

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