Watch This Mom Drift In A Sideways Ford Focus RS

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With the drift button, even your mother can drift.

The Ford Focus RS is a seriously quick hot hatch. The 350-horsepower 2.3-liter four-cylinder puts its grunt to all four wheels through a complex AWD system. This system has many modes, including the infamous drift mode. Ford claims it's so easy to use, that even Santa Claus can get sideways. The Focus RS is a great car to learn how to drift in, but how easy is it really? CNET's Alex Goy decided he would find out by handing the keys to his 60-something-year-old mother. All we can say is, get ready to laugh.

Goy has driven many cars, and knows how to get the tail out. His mother, on the other hand, is an extremely cautious driver. Amazingly, the Focus RS is indeed so good that Goy's mother does get a bit of a slide going. She immediately corrects it, but hey, that's not the car's fault.

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