Watch This Porsche 911 GT2 RS Donut Fail From Goodwood

It was a nice try though.

The Goodwood Festival of Speed was the ideal venue for Porsche to debut its new 911 GT2 RS, the fastest and most powerful 911 ever. After first being shown to a private audience, which included Top Gear host Matt LeBlanc (a noted Porsche guy), the 911 GT2 RS took to the hillclimb. Of course it went fast but not all out. There are people standing behind hay stacks, you know. Anyway, as you’ll see in the video ahead, at the 20 second mark, the GT2 RS arrives at a point where, because why not, a tire squealing, smoking donut could be attempted.

Could be. Too bad that attempt failed. Pretty embarrassingly so, in fact. The noticeable reaction (did we hear a brief "boo" from someone?) from the crowd says it all.

The driver, we’re told it was a pro, immediately realized the donut attempt was doomed, so to avoid any further awkwardness, he quickly gets the hell out of there, and finishes the course. The guys riding in the also new 911 Turbo S Exclusive directly behind the GT2 RS must have had a good laugh.

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