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Watch This Russian BMW Bro Recklessly Hoon Through Traffic

Badass? Yes. Safe and smart? No.

BMW drivers in Russia aren’t exactly known for playing by the rules of the road. Here’s one stopping an ambulance on the highway to yell at its driver and here’s a gang of Bimmer drivers wrecking during a street race. This video doesn’t feature any wrecks but does have plenty of recklessness (see what I did there?). It stars a 1 Series M Coupe and a driver who is pretty decent at drifting. That being said he seems to have no care for human life. You’ll see what we mean when you watch the video.

Some of his stunts are performed on empty streets or seemingly empty garages and are okay in our book, but the stuff he pulls in traffic is just stupid and dangerous. Hopefully this guy doesn’t get his hands on the upcoming M2.

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