Watch This Selfish Idiot Cause Immense Chaos On A Detroit Freeway

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Selfish idiot tests should be required before people get their licenses.

The Detroit inner city is crumbling and driving etiquette seems to be going down the gutter as well. This dash cam video shows a driver of a white Chevrolet trying to get out of a freeway exit lane at the last minute by illegally crossing the gore area and cutting off a semi before crashing into it. The truck swerves and smashes its nose into the freeway barrier, causing it to flip. According to the Detroit Free Press, the driver of the white Chevy Malibu fled the scene leaving the truck driver shaken up but with no serious injuries.

The crash shut down the freeway for a few hours while police looked for the Chevy. Satisfyingly, the reckless driver was soon identified and will have his day in court.

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