Watch This Skater Smash Up A McLaren That Blew A Stop Sign

Almost getting hit by a car sucks but this kid was way out of line.

While the McLaren 12C driver in this video seems like kind of a jackass, there’s no way he deserved to get his window smashed. What this clip shows is the supercar running a stop sign, stopping short as a skateboarder crosses the street. Even though the skater is out of the shot we know he’s there because a few seconds later he smashes the 12C’s windshield. The kid runs like hell while the passenger gives chase. The driver just sits there in stunned silence before taking off.

Rolling a stop sign because you’re in a supercar is a prick move, but so is smashing a dude’s car up in response. Folks, next time you almost crash into a pedestrian treat them with kindness (even if you’re in the wrong), especially if they’re carrying a skateboard.

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