Watch This STOCK Ferrari 488 GTB Shoot Gorgeous Blue Flames

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This beats your 4th of July fireworks show.

Shooting flames is one of the coolest things you can do in a car. It is caused by a high-flow exhaust, a very high horsepower engine, a remapped ECU or even specific camshaft setups. Most stock cars do not shoot flames due to insurance reasons and potential damage to the car, but Ferrari's new 488 GTB just bucked that trend in pretty incredible fashion. This video is amazing: It gives us POV acceleration up to nearly 200 MPH and then a montage of blue flame shooting from both the car's exhaust tips.

This spectacular sight is sure to convince you to buy the new 488 GTB, provided you have a spare $250,000 lying around. Check out this video-it is sure to satisfy your crave for acceleration and exhaust backfire.

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