Quarter Mile

Watch This Subaru Destroy A World Record

How fast did this thing just go?

The stock long block world record has been well and truly smashed, with “CJ from the Internet” laying down a time of 9.77 seconds @ 147 mph in his Subaru WRX STi. Having put down plenty of runs in the low tens, it was time to crack the nines. And that’s exactly what he did. The rapid car boasts an original long block, HTA35 turbocharger from Forced Performance, an access port from Cobb Tuning and engine tune by JR Tuned, twin-disc clutch from P&L Motorsports, and drag brake kit from Prime Motoring.

Throw in a few other mods and what you’re about to witness is the fastest stock long block Subaru WRX STi in the world. Check out the record run, then see how much power it puts down on the dyno.

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