Watch This Totaled Porsche 911 Go Up In Flames

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There's definitely a lesson to be learned here.

Obviously this was not something planned. It outright sucks, honestly. Well, it sucked already due to the fact that someone totaled this Porsche 911. Perhaps it was this guy, our so-called hero for the next 23 seconds. Nah, he's a complete dumbass. Why? Because starting a car - any car - in the totaled condition this 911 is in is a really bad idea. Who knows what kind of internal damage has been done. The guy's first clue to stop turning the ignition was car's reluctance to start. It just didn't sound right. But he persisted.

And then the engine went up in flames. Too bad the video cuts out once this guy realizes his predicament because we would have loved to see whatever it is he did next. Extinguishing that engine fire is probably the best place to start.

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