Watch This V8-Powered BMW 3 Series Madly Drift Through Piles Of Fire Wood

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No CGI here. This is the real deal.

Drifting is both an art and sport, and it takes years of practice and serious effort to master it. Despite an experienced driver's capabilities and skills, accidents can happen, and the driver of this V8-powered E46 3 Series drift animal definitely had little room for error. That's because he's driving in a sea port that's doused in piles of massive wooden logs and clippings. Latvian driver Kristaps Bluss is behind the wheel in this video from Robyworks Media, and one bad skid could've sent him into what's essentially fire wood.

Shooting flames from out of the side exhausts could've acted as the lighter. This isn't the first time we've seen this particular E46 3 Series.

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It was previously shown as part of a drifting three-some consisting of an E92 3 Series and a Nissan 350Z, also shot in Latvia. But watching Bluss again at work is a demonstration of mad skill, and he makes it look all so easy. The video may only last for just over a minute, but you'll be mesmerized the whole time.

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