Watch Tom Cruise Do His Own Insane Stunt Driving In A BMW 5 Series

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On location in Paris for Mission: Impossible 6.

Tom Cruise is no stranger to performing many of his own movie stunts, as we saw in Mission: Impossible 5 when the actor did some daring maneuvers in a BMW M3. And now its sequel is currently in production, on location in Paris, and YouTuber StormShadowCrew managed to snag footage of the Hollywood superstar also acting as stunt driver in an old BMW E28 5 Series. There's actually two videos, the first one shows Cruise talking to what we assume to be stunt pros, just prior to going in reverse down a set of stairs.

Mad respect for someone who insists on doing as many of his own stunts as possible when a stunt driver could easily handle the task instead. The next bit of video footage shows Cruise driving the E28 5 Series through a row of fancy pillars, also in Paris. He manages to put one hell of a dent into the car's front end early in the clip.

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We're guessing that was intentional. Every Mission: Impossible film has had at least one major stunt, the last time being when Tom Cruise was attached to the side of an airborne airplane. But chances are this Parisian footage isn't a part of it. It's just not grandiose enough. Mission: Impossible 6 is scheduled to be released in theaters on July 27, 2018.

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