WATCH: Toyota GR Corolla Engine Damage Will Shock Even The Most Seasoned Mechanic

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Luckily, the owner is getting a replacement engine under warranty.

The Toyota GR Corolla is one of the best performance cars money can buy. Thanks to a peppy turbocharged three-cylinder engine that punches above its weight, the hot hatch is an absolute hoot to pilot. It demands to be driven hard, but it needs to be treated with respect. Unfortunately, one owner found this out in a rather unfortunate way and is now having his engine replaced after the original was destroyed.

In a video posted to YouTube, Simez Garage - presumably a Toyota technician - shares the extent of the damage, and it's not pretty. The clip does not explain what caused this catastrophic destruction, but follow-up videos (see below) detail the mess.

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Removing the oil pan, metal shards parts can be found, with some fragments of the casting, oil pump, and connecting rod all that's left of the once boisterous motor. Another update gives us a glimpse of the mechanical maladies, with Simez Garage noting that the "valves are bent and wedged into the head." Suffice it to say; this engine is now nothing more than an expensive paperweight.

As for the cause, Toyota is reportedly hesitant to divulge that information, but we're guessing a flamboyant (and misjudged) missed shift is the reason behind this destroyed engine. Luckily for the owner, the automaker is replacing the 1.6-liter powerplant under warranty. The technician adds that Toyota has delivered the replacement parts, which cost more than a brand-new, regular Corolla.

"Toyota has released all the parts, my parts list is at $32,000 so far," he added.

Simez Garage/YouTube
Simez Garage/YouTube
Simez Garage/YouTube

Last year, the Japanese automaker was criticized for its actions when it denied a warranty claim for a Toyota GR86 engine replacement. The vehicle had just over 13,000 miles on the clock, but the company rejected the request because the owner used the car at Autocross events.

After plenty of bad press, the company changed its stance on the matter and promised to replace the damaged engine under warranty. The company also released a statement at the time, noting that simple participation in National Auto Sport Association and similar events are not grounds to void a warranty, but noted that coverage excludes "damage that results from activities such as misuse and racing."

If you find yourself in a similar situation - and you're not lucky to get a replacement motor - just know that it is possible to get a GR Corolla crate engine, although it is not easy.

Simez Garage/YouTube
Simez Garage/YouTube
Simez Garage/YouTube
Simez Garage/YouTube
Simez Garage/YouTube

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