Watch: Toyota GR Supra SEMA Twins Prove They Are 10-Second Cars

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Anything less than 11 seconds counts as a 10, right?

Toyota was clearly serious about showing the performance potential of its products to the enthusiast market at SEMA 2022, with an impressive selection of modified products from its GR stable on show. There were some off-roaders, but let's focus on the important performance concepts on show, the Toyota GR Supra drag cars, which we described in an earlier article about their build process.

Aiming for 10-second quarter-mile times, these cars had a serious promise to deliver. It's a brave claim because the best that a stock 382-horsepower car with a curb weight of about 3,400 pounds could likely achieve would be a low-12-second pass. Fortunately, there are a lot of go-faster goodies available for the BMW-sourced B58 engine, so a deep dive into this pool of aftermarket accessories was in order.

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After upgrading the 3.0-liter inline-six engine's turbocharger with a larger Pure turbo, two CSF high-performance intercoolers, a Titan Motorsport catalyst-free 3.5-inch exhaust system, and revised engine management mapping were added as supporting modifications. This liberated a much more impressive 620 horsepower, while torque got a similarly significant boost from 368 lb-ft to 590 lb-ft. Interestingly, the standard eight-speed ZF automatic transmission and differential remain in place, indicating just how stout the base 3.0-liter Supra's drivetrain really is.

Getting the power to the ground was another mission in itself because even the standard car struggles somewhat to get its power to the asphalt from a standing start. To this end, HKS suspension was fitted at both ends, and a set of Mickey Thompson drag tires were wrapped around Weld Belmont wheels to aid traction.

Toyota USA Toyota USA Toyota USA

How did it all work out in practice? As the video above shows, the red Supra did manage to break into the 10-second barrier, if barely so. With a best-timed run of 10.984 seconds at Ennis Speedway in Texas, it accomplished the stated mission. The only possible catch here is a likely budget overrun.

At the start of this project, Toyota decided on a budget cap of $10,000 to bring the Supra into the 10-second range, but, given the range of upgrade parts needed to achieve the improved drag performance, the chances are that this build cost a fair bit more than that. Still, it's good to know that there is real performance potential built into the fifth-generation Supra, just as it should be.

Toyota USA Toyota USA Toyota USA Toyota USA Toyota USA

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