Watch Toyota Slide A GR86 And Two Formula Drift Supras In An Empty Mall

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This looks like so much fun.

Way back in June of last year, Toyota USA released a commercial called The Pitch. Therein, Toyota pokes fun at how obsessed with health & safety regulations marketers are these days, with endless discussions around the promotion of safe driving and adherence to speed limits. Toyota has since released exciting advertisements featuring some of the world's best drivers and drifters. Now, the automaker is returning to the dull world of focus groups and legislation, once again poking fun at those who fail to understand that commercials about exciting cars should be exciting to watch. The comical short film is attached below, and it's a real breath of fresh air.

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As you can see, the Japanese automaker thinks it's ridiculous that cars like the Toyota GR86 can be designed to be enjoyed in a safe environment but can never be depicted doing the very things they were built to. The enthusiastic people who understand the car know that people who will buy it want to see what it can do, even if they themselves will never attempt such maneuvers, while the suits on the other side of the table are obsessed with ones and zeroes, only showing interest in the banalest of everyday features. Luckily, the enthusiasts in the film win, with the suits ultimately realizing, albeit subconsciously, that you need more adrenaline-pumping action and less of a dreary disposition.

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Frederic Aasbo - whose gold-liveried GR Supra is impossible to miss - features in the film alongside Ken Gushi (his is the white and red Supra) and Jhonnattan Castro. All three are Formula Drift competitors with a lust for burning tires and looking out the side windows of their cars, and they do their jobs beautifully. The precision with which many of the moves are executed is worthy of applause, and although some drift sequences appear sped up, you come away from the commercial with love for the Toyota GR brand and an insatiable urge to go see what a used GR86 is selling for.

That excitement for GR products will only grow with the third GR model that is teased at the end of the film. Thanks to that short visual, it's safe to assume that the hotly-anticipated GR Corolla will be revealed any day now. Toyota has its mojo back!

toyotausa/Instagram toyotausa/Instagram toyotausa/Instagram

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