Watch Travis Pastrana Burn Rubber In His 862-HP Subaru Wagon

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This is how you properly test the limits of a tire.

Hoonigan's latest video, filmed before the release of Gymkhana 2022, gives us a closer look at how the team evaluated the tires that would be used for the incredible film. The yard at the aptly-named Tire Slayer Studios is the ideal place to torture some fresh rubber, and that's precisely what Pastrana did in the Family Huckster, an incredible Subaru GL Wagon with active aero and 862-horsepower on tap.

Pastrana, an adventure junkie with a voracious appetite for thrills, quips that performing controlled drifts and donuts doesn't have enough consequences. "I love it and that's what Gymkhana is about, but there's just no consequence," he jokes.

Soon, he's behind the wheel and maneuvering the custom Subaru with incredible panache and talent, sending the wagon across the lot with a trail of smoke in its wake.

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With 862 hp and all-wheel drive, getting a car to do this in such a confined space isn't easy, but Pastrana makes it look like child's play as he spins the vehicle in a controlled donut. "Rear-wheel drive cars don't look anywhere near as dangerous in the yard as all-wheel drive cars look. It was moving really fast," said Brian Scotto, the co-founder of Hoonigan and director of the Gymkhana series.

The tire that allows Pastrana to pull off these spectacularly smokey slides is the Yokohama Advan A052, which has a proven track record at motorsport events like Pikes Peak, Gymkhana 2020, and more explained a company representative.

"[Gymkhana] has very unique conditions. It's short runs, so [Pastrana] may get the tire to 300 or 400 degrees Fahrenheit, but for very short periods of time ... for the way the shoots are set up and the way he drives ... the tire works really well."

Hoonigan/YouTube Hoonigan/YouTube Hoonigan/YouTube Hoonigan/YouTube

The way in which the Family Huckster changes direction is incredible. The once-generic wagon has been transformed into a phenomenal gymkhana car that moves with great agility, as evidenced by the video above. The four-cylinder boxer engine makes an incredible noise, too.

It may be four decades old, but this high-powered wagon would show a Subaru WRX a clean pair of heels with ease. We implore you to watch the series's latest installment if you're a fan of precision driving and wild antics. It truly highlights Hoonigan's knack for building incredible vehicles, as well as Pastrana's undeniable talent.

Hopefully, we'll get to see the team's other creation, the Honda Ridgeline IndyTruck, also hit the tarmac for some rubber-destroying antics sometime soon.

Hoonigan/YouTube Hoonigan/YouTube Hoonigan/YouTube Hoonigan/YouTube Hoonigan/YouTube Hoonigan/YouTube

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