WATCH: Truck Driver Smashes Into Toyota Prius After Cab Collapses

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The truck driver was not expecting that.

A medium-sized truck driver rear-ended a Prius is one of the weirdest to ever come across our desks.

The video below shows the truck traveling through a tunnel when, suddenly, the truck cab disconnects and slams face-forward into the road.

It appears the driver was trying to avoid rear-ending a Toyota Prius and hit the brakes, causing the cab to tilt forward and crash into the tarmac. With no way of controlling the heavy vehicle, the wandering truck collides with the silver hybrid, sending it sliding out of the way.

IchiGoSanWareMeChan/Reddit IchiGoSanWareMeChan/Reddit

Even if the driver could gain control of the steering and brakes, there's no view of the road forward. The video, posted to Reddit, shows the camera-equipped vehicle slowing down to witness this freak accident. However, the driver soon realizes the uncontrollable truck is heading straight toward the car and quickly moves out of harm's way.

The runaway truck narrowly misses a streetlight before colliding with the railing on the sidewalk. This seems to slow the truck down slightly, but unfortunately, the video ends there, and we don't see what happens.

If you're not aware, trucks have roll-forward cabs that enable mechanics to perform maintenance and carry out repairs. This needs to be locked in place when the vehicle is being driven, as not doing so can result in what you see here.

IchiGoSanWareMeChan/Reddit IchiGoSanWareMeChan/Reddit

We're guessing a mechanic or inspector is to blame for this specific incident. Trucks generally have a safety catch, though, which should keep the cab in place as a failsafe. There's a chance that the catch itself could've been faulty. Given the situation, it could have been much worse. There's no word on whether the driver is fine, but given the shape of the cab after the accident, they likely walked away unharmed.

As shocking as this accident was, it's not the most bizarre we've seen recently.

Not too long ago, an Australian Toyota Hilux driver lost control of his pickup truck, sending the vehicle into a dramatic airborne roll. Equally dramatic is the harrowing Land Rover crash that occurred in Orlando, Florida. Footage shows a new Defender rolling six times across a busy highway before coming to a stop. Miraculously, no one was killed.

IchiGoSanWareMeChan/Reddit IchiGoSanWareMeChan/Reddit

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