Watch Two Teslas Catch Fire And Set Off Garage Full Of Ammo

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It's not clear how the fire started but the aftermath claimed the cars, the ammo, and the house.

It seems we can't go a week without a video of an EV on fire, but this one is unusual. The scene unfolded in Lynnwood, Seattle. If you turn the volume up, you can hear what appears to be the fire setting off ammunition stored in the garage of the burning home. Before we get to that, we should point out that at the time of writing, it's not clear if the Tesla Model X or Model Y in the driveway caught fire first and it spread to the garage of the house or if the fire started in the garage and spread.

Unlike the hero that moved a flaming Jaguar I-Pace from their garage, we know that this house burned down with no injuries reported. We also understand that the popping sound you can hear in the video is the fire causing ammunition stored in the garage to go off.

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While the ammunition cooking off in the garage is loud and appears dangerous, the Tesla Model X's battery on fire and a Model 3 parked next to it is much more of a concern to firefighters. Particularly as they showed up unprepared for an EV fire as it can take anywhere from 4,500 to 20,000 gallons of water to subdue. Meanwhile, if the gunpowder combusts in a round of ammunition, it just separates the projectile from the brass case. Typically, it's going to be brass casings flying around, not lead, and of less danger to firefighters.

To us, it doesn't look like the Tesla's battery is on fire as that is underneath the rear seats, and the fire is mainly at the rear and spreading down just one side. EV power supplies for charging have caught fire before, but garage fires are common for many other reasons.

According to reports, all the firefighters could do was work to prevent the fire from spreading to the houses on either side, and they succeeded. If the Tesla's battery went up, then once the fire gets put out, it has to be observed for a few days as it could reignite. Whatever the cause, and as interesting as it is to hear ammunition pop off in a fire, someone lost their house and two cars to a fire, and nobody wants that to happen.

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