Drag Race

Watch What Happens When A 71-Year-Old Returns To The Drag Strip After 50 Years Away

Granddad might have slow reactions, but he's also got one hell of a quick car.

The last time George Parrott visited the drag strip, man had yet to step foot on the moon. Back then, he was just a spectator, but having been away for 50 years, the 71-year-old decided to return in style, behind the wheel of his Hellcat-beating Tesla Model S P85D. With its twin-engine churning out 691 hp, cutting-edge traction control systems, and monstrous electric torque instantly flowing to all four wheels, the Tesla is capable of flying off the line.

However, even with the electric car set to insane mode, Mr. Parrott’s reaction times have clearly slowed over time. That said, we like to think this is how we'll be spending our retirement.

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