Watch What Happens When Gearhead Dad Becomes The Babysitter

Someone nominate this guy as coolest dad of the year.

Gearheads aren’t always, shall we say, the most mature of the pack. Doing donuts, driving fast, and the occasional impromptu drag race aren’t always the smartest decisions, but they’re certainly tons of fun. But a gearhead continues on with life events, like getting married and having children, two (supposedly) mature things. However, one never stops being a gearhead at heart, and certainly not this new father. Just look at what he did when his wife went out for the night; he put his newborn in the back of a remote controlled toy dump truck.

The baby slept through the entire thing but the dad, of course, just had to film it. His wife must have been cool with it because she’s the one who posted the video online. We say this kid is off to a great start in life.

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