Watch Your New Top Gear Host Being Interviewed By The Old Host (That'd Be Jezza)

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"Hey, how you doin'?"

Let's be honest with ourselves: no one predicted that Matt LeBlanc would be tapped as one of the new hosts of the revamped Top Gear, which is set to premiere this May. Last week's announcement came as a complete shock to us and, well, pretty much everyone else. But we think the choice is a solid one. Le Blanc, or better known as Joey Tribbiani from "Friends," is a true car guy who also happened to set the record for the fastest lap on the Top Gear test track.

And, as he revealed to Jeremy Clarkson in his original show interview, he got drunk with Bob Seger before shooting and starring in the latter's 1994 music video for "Night Moves." And now Top Gear has just released the full 2012 interview. LeBlanc seems really chill compared to Jezza, so we're anxious to see what he'll be like as a host.

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