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Watching A 110-Year-Old Car Go Sideways Is The Best Way To Learn Automotive History

The land speed record-setter still has some speed.

What we have here is a Darracq from 1905. If you’ve never heard of the French automaker that’s more than okay. It hasn’t made a car since 1935, so unfamiliarity is to be expected. Anyway, this specific Darracq packs 200 horsepower and was purpose-built to set a land speed record. And set a record it did, clocking a top speed of 109.65 mph in the "Flying Kilometer" in France before heading to Florida to clock 122.45 mph.

Those speeds are nothing now. What matters is that this car was born to drive straight, not sideways. Luckily it did the latter up the hill at Goodwood this year. Check it out for yourself.

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