Watching A Desperate Ferrari Floating Down A River Will Make You Sad

Better write that one down.

Thereare lots of things we’d like to have seen happen. Pigs flying, the creation of the universe and the shooting of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition come to mind. How about a Ferrari California endingup in a river in Brazil? Let’s add that to the list too. People who look like locals cometo the Ferrari’s aid and help tow it out of a river after it allegedly skidding into the water after a street race. Hopefully this race wasn't for pinks as it looks like this guy lost. In that case the winner is pretty screwed as well.

You’re not sure if you want to cry, get angry and throw something, or call up the driver and give him a stern talking to. One thing that isn’t up for debate is that you will be shaking your head in depression, because this video will remind you there are still people like this in the universe.

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