Watching A Failed Suicide Bomber And His Car Blasting Off To A 72 Virgins-Filled Heaven Was Awesome

One of our favorite videos from 2015.

Shit happens, even when you want to blow yourself up and take a bunch of people with you all the way to heaven with 72 virgins waiting for you. Seventy two virgins? Let’s put it this way: nobody ever said anything about their age and weight. Anyway, looking back at 2015’s best and most, shall we say, intriguing stories, there were a few in particular that were standouts. This was one of them. Remember the video last April showing a failed attempt by an ISIS suicide bomber whose car was packed with explosives?

Yeah, that one. As he was speeding towards his target, his car took a direct hit after driving over a roadside bomb. The resulting explosion rocketed him and his car airborne. They didn’t quite make it to heaven.

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