Watching A Grandpa Drive An Audi Into 12,000 Liters Of Coke Is Oddly Satisfying

We didn't say it made sense, just that it was oddly satisfying.

First off, the title of this video is a lie. The charming old Latvian man seen here is in no way angry. In fact, he seems to be pretty damn happy. Oh, what, you thought the whole driving a car into a pool filled with 12,000 liters of Coke was fake? Sorry if we confused you, but that stunt very much happened. The car in question is an older Audi, which as you’d expect was completely destroyed by the 12,000 liters of Coke it settled into. But who cares about the car’s condition after the jump? The jump, that’s what we care about!

Here it is, in all its glory: A 73-year-old Latvian grandpa driving a car into a pool of Coke. Enjoy.

Was it everything you expected and more? As cheesy as this video is the old man in it is quite charming and we hope this man, whoever he is, does more wacky stuff with cars. If he does don't expect the Audi to be around as it looks like it'll be jumping head first into the crusher next.

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