Watching A Lego McLaren P1 Get Built Is The Next Best Thing To Driving One

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That might be a stretch but it's still a damn good way to spend two minutes.

Perhaps the best use of Legos is to build supercars with them. Of course completing even the simplest of kits takes time and patience, two things some people don't have in abundance. Thankfully there are time-lapse videos! We recently saw one where a Lego Ferrari F40 was built in a minute. This kit for the McLaren P1 isn't as complex but it's still a fun build to watch take shape. The stickers and the little man with the McLaren racing suit on really put this kit over the top.

Like real McLarens this one is constructed by hand. It may not have taken as much time or cost as much as the real P1, but dare to dream, especially if all you can afford is Lego.

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