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Watching A Pagani Zonda Restoration Will Hypnotize Your Eye Balls

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Prepare yourselves.

The Pagani Zonda C12 launched in 1999, making the Italian firm's first masterpiece almost 20 years old. About time for a complete restoration, don't you think? We agree, but Zonda owners cannot and will not take their cars just anywhere to get work done. Joe, the friendly neighborhood mechanic (no offense, Joe), is not qualified for such a task. That's why Pagani launched Pagani Rinascimento, an exclusive program dedicated solely to restoring – you guessed it! – older Paganis.

In this new Pagani-produced video, we get to see Pagani's craftsmen practice their art. Attention to detail, no matter how big or small, is documented. Seriously, every screw is removed during the restoration process in order to observe, examine and, if necessary, restore.

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Same goes for all other components. Of course, these craftsmen also abide by Pagani's ethos of art and science, in the spirit of Leonardo da Vinci. Even watching this video of these guys working on a Zonda is mesmerizing. The setting is not a regular old greasy garage, but rather a facility that could literally moonlight as an operating room for humans. Pagani takes the restoration process that seriously. And what Zonda owner wouldn't want this level of mechanical perfection? Every Zonda is worth it.