Watching A Restomod Falcon Cause Mayhem Proves Old Cars Are Awesome


It doesn't hurt that Fast N' Loud is behind the build.

Regardless of whether you like Fast N' Loud and the hard working gang that make up Gas Monkey Garage, you have to admit it puts out some pretty cool cars, like this 1963 Ford Falcon. It was modified to tackle Pikes Peak International Hillclimb and was fitted with a 363-cubic inch small-block Ford motor that puts out 500 hp. Thanks to the body's stripped-out interior, the car only weighs 3,155 lbs. and is a complete animal. With Aaron Kaufman behind the wheel, the modified Falcon chews up its tires with ease.

It may seem like an inhospitable vehicle, but the Falcon looks like it's a proper hooligan's car and leads police on a merry chase. See, Gas Monkey Garage does make some cool cars.

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