Watching A Sewage Truck Explode In Traffic Will Scar You For Life

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Talk about a "crappy" commute!

This is one of those videos that sounds too ridiculous to be real. In fact, we kind of hope it's a hoax because of how bad we feel for the people who experienced this tragedy firsthand. According to Mashable, this dash cam video was filmed in Moscow, Russia. The tape captures the awful moment a sewage tanker truck bursts while sitting in traffic. Unfortunately the truck was hauling what looks to be a lot of No. 1. The explosion splashes a nearby bus and cars but no one appears to be injured.

Still, injuries from an accident like this wouldn't be visible on the surface. No, this is the type of thing that scars a person deep down inside. Check out the video for yourself and do your best not to go overboard with the cringing.

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