Watching A Wrecking Ball Destroying Cars In Slow Motion Is Awesome

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Not just any wrecking ball, but a four-ton wrecking ball.

Sometimes things are done for no reason other than entertainment. Case in point: smashing a four-ton wrecking ball into cars and filming the entire thing. That's exactly what The Slow Mo Guys did in their latest video, which just so happened to be sponsored by Amazon, which is also busy promoting the second season of The Grand Tour. Cars and controlled destruction can easily go together, as The Grand Tour trio have proven time and again, especially with their previous Top Gear gig.

But now The Slow Mo Guys get to live up to their name and smash a few cars at the same time. What's been targeted for annihilation? An old Buick LeSabre (remember those boats?), a Honda Element, and a BMW E46 3 Series convertible.

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Each one still appeared to be fully drivable before the ball smashing. Afterwards? Two words: scrap metal. Now, cars getting smashed by a four-ton wrecking ball isn't exactly how typical crash tests are conducted because, duh, what are the chances of it actually happening? But because this was all done on purpose, expect some serious damage. Watching it all happen in slow motion makes it way more entertaining because destruction for the hell of it is fantastic fun.

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