Watching BAC Monos Drift In The Snow Is A Spectacular Sight

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Being a BAC Mono owner certainly has some unique perks.

If you're going to tackle treacherous snow and ice on a frozen lake in Sweden, most sensible people would take a capable off-roader or a potent sedan with all-wheel drive for the job-not an open cockpit single seater track car like, say, a BAC Mono. That would just be daft. Well, apparently not, because Briggs Automotive Company has proved us wrong, The British automaker recently invited specially selected clients and enthusiasts for an Ice Driving Experience in Scandinavia.

Various tracks were mapped out on the Swedish ice before the Mono was let loose in some of the most extreme driving conditions imaginable. Both the cars and drivers were pushed to their limits, and it makes for spectacular viewing. We can't hide our jealousy, because it looks like incredibly good fun.

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BAC prides itself on rewarding clients with driving experiences like this that let owners unleash the single seater's potential. In fact, this was the second ice driving experience BAC had organized. In a separate event, the automaker shut down the Snaefell Mountain Course in the Isle of Man, which arguably has some of the best driving worlds in the world, just to let its customers have fun in their BAC Monos. "What a fantastic adventure! The first Mono Ice Driving Experience was an overwhelming success last year, and we took everything about that trip and made it better this time around," said BAC Co-Founder Ian Briggs.

"Spirits were high for the duration and it was amazing to see our friends getting to grips with Mono on the ice in spectacular fashion. Mono and our drivers were tested thoroughly, of course, but this is the ultimate piece of sporting equipment that simply thrives even in the most extreme conditions. Our video perfectly captures what it means to be part of the BAC Family – having unbelievable fun behind the wheel of Mono but also coming together as one when the helmets are off." Powering the lightweight single seater is a four-cylinder 2.5-liter Mountune engine that produces 305 hp, allowing the Mono to do 0-62 mph in just 2.8 seconds before hitting a top speed of 170 mph.

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