Watching Bugatti Test Its 3D-Printed Titanium Brake Caliper Is Mesmerizing

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Let's face it: even Bugatti components are incredible.

Few automakers grab as much immediate attention as Bugatti. The Volkswagen Group's ultra-exclusive hypercar brand is always at the forefront of new technologies, build techniques and parts which, eventually, might trickle their way down to more mainstream vehicles. Perhaps one of those components will be the 3D-printed titanium brake caliper, which first premiered earlier this year. This caliper will soon begin series production, hence the testing. So how does a 3D-printed brake caliper hold up under extreme testing that involves engineers spinning a rotor over 230 mph? Just fine, actually. The video you're about to see demonstrates the calipers being put to work by bringing that rotor to a stop during lab testing.

And yes, there lots of flames and sparks involved. You can see the immense heat of the rotor as it changes color. Brake temperatures can go as high as about 1,877 degrees Fahrenheit during testing as extreme as this. Following the flames show, engineers bring the brake to a complete stop and let things cool off. They then remove the caliper to reveal it's still perfectly intact without any damage. It'd be fair to assume this titanium brake caliper will soon become available in the Chiron and Divo and, perhaps, a third mystery model. Who knows. We doubt the caliper will come standard because, well, why would it? Bugatti will likely charge customers tens of thousands of dollars for them and, not surprisingly, it'll have no trouble selling them. Like we said, Bugatti is anything but your typical automaker.


Aside from being 3D-printed, why would Bugatti customers even want these calipers? Because Bugatti estimates each caliper weighs half as much as traditional calipers. And with an engine as heavy as the Chiron and Divo's quad-turbocharged W16 and the seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox, any weight-saving method is greatly appreciated.


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