Watching Jeremy Clarkson Watch His First Top Gear Appearance Is Hilarious

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Uh, is that a mullet or the British version of an afro?

The year was 1988, and Jeremy Clarkson, certainly by today's standards, looked pretty odd. Maybe it's because he was wearing a tie, blazer and khakis. What? No jeans!?. Or maybe it was the hair. In any case, a clip has gone online showing Jezza watching a video clip of himself from his first ever appearance on Top Gear in '88. The car? A Bentley sedan that had been modified and turned into a coupe. As far as Clarkson himself goes, he definitely wasn't the Clarkson he is today.

While appearing on the Michael McIntyre Chat Show, Clarkson was show that first clip along with one from 1991. Sporting that massive mullet-afro thing on top of his head, Clarkson ditches the frat boy attire for jeans, a pair of bright white high-tops and an over styled black leather jacket that, as far as today's fashion goes, looks more appropriate on women.

YouTube/BBC/ The Hub

Fortunately, the topic regarding which is the better every day Ferrari of the early 90s, an F40 or 348, makes up for Clarkson's ridiculous appearance. But it's cool. It was the 90s, after all. We all looked and dressed a bit stranger back then. Clarkson also says that Top Gear became the Top Gear we know now in 2002, when the triumphant that is Clarkson, Hammond, and May got underway. But I'm still laughing at the, well, whatever the hell that hairdo ought to be called.

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