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Watching The Evolution Of Lamborghini Is Pretty Darn Awesome

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Just stating the obvious.

It all began when Ferruccio Lamborghini was annoyed by the treatment he received from Enzo Ferrari. You see, Lamborghini was already a very rich man before he started his own car company. Naturally, he owned and drove several Ferraris. After experiencing clutch issues, he took one of his Ferraris in for service but was not allowed to watch the mechanics do their thing. He even attempted to offer old man Enzo some suggestions to improve the clutches but was rebuffed.

More specifically, Lamborghini was insulted, so he set out to build a better car. Over the decades, Lamborghini has very much had its ups and downs, and its founder sold his shares in the company long ago. Before becoming a part of the Volkswagen Group umbrella, it was owned by Chrysler and a few others who tried to make it profitable.

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Only VW has truly managed to do that. And through it all, Lamborghini managed to create some of the most outrageous and powerful cars on the planet. Heck, it invented the supercar with the Miura back in 1966. And then it built an SUV, the famed "Rambo Lambo." There's so much to discuss, but we'll leave it to this new video from Cars Evolution to do that. Follow the history of the brand with all of its most important models as well as several interesting facts. Expanding your supercar brand knowledge is always worth your time.