Watching The Ford GT Undergo Testing In A Wind Tunnel Is Mesmerizing

Who says all the awesome tests happen out on the track?

Just recently my colleague, Gabe Beita-Kiser, declared Ferrari’s wind tunnel a waste of $10 million, this due to the rise of virtual aerodynamic tests. Ford must have read that because it just released a video of the GT undergoing testing in a wind tunnel. Although the supercar has made many public appearances it’s far from production-ready, with engineers still working to ensure that the it is as aerodynamic as possible. This involves early morning tests carried out repeatedly to spot even the smallest design flaw.

The video provides a great look into just how much work is going into the new GT. Perhaps the best part is that everything is explained in layman’s terms. You don’t need to be an engineering geek to enjoy this short clip, but it definitely wouldn’t hurt.

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