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Watching The Kia Stinger Ice Drift Makes Winter A Bit Easier To Live With

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When was the last time anyone was this excited over a South Korean car?

Kia stunned the automotive world at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show when it showed off the Stinger, a sexy sedan with 365 horsepower that actually looks fun to drive. To ensure that last bit is true (the fun to drive part), Kia's engineers headed to Lapland, Sweden, for some testing. When it comes to extreme conditions it doesn't get much better than Lapland in the winter. While this short video clip could use more action we'll take any opportunity to see the Stinger slipping and sliding around that we can get.

Look at it go! The Stinger won't be a drift king but 365 horsepower and rear-wheel drive sound like a recipe for fun. Those who crave a bit more stability can opt for all-wheel drive or option a mechanical limited-slip differential.

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According to Kia the Stinger is undergoing final testing in Lapland, with the goal being to fine-tune its electronic driver assistance tech. The South Korean sedan is easily one of our most anticipated cars of 2017 and videos like this make the wait feel that much longer. Hopefully Genesis can build the same type of buzz when it debuts the G70, although as we wrote before that may be difficult.