Watching These Retro Supercars Will Make You Long For The 80s

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When manual transmissions were the norm.

For many of us who are, well, a bit older than the rest, these are just a few of the supercars we had plastered on our bedroom walls as posters. Perhaps you still do. But before automakers began to incorporate high-tech computers and the like into their cars and supercars, things were all analog. Some consider this now finished era as purer and more special. Then again, analog supercars did have some problems, but wasn't that part of their charm?

And now Motor Week has posted yet another retro edition from its 1980s archives: a comparison between the Ferrari 328 GTB, Lotus Esprit Turbo, Lamborghini Jalpa, and the Porsche 959 (which was new at the time). Try your best to ignore some of that 80s elevator music and fluffy hairstyles and just focus on the cars.


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