Watching This Civic Type R Flip On The Nurburgring Is Enough To Make You Cringe

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It's called the Green Hell for a reason.

We often get reminders of the Nurburgring's brutality. You can bring any car you want to the legendary German track, but just because you aren't in a 200 mph supercar doesn't mean you're safe. Even a front-wheel-drive hatchback like the Civic Type R is perfectly capable of getting into trouble on the Ring. And that's exactly what happened to this Honda which lost control around a corner and smashed into the barrier. After hitting the barrier the car rolled several times before landing on its wheels.

Fortunately both the driver and passenger were able to get out and walk away. It was also good to see a few other drivers in hatchbacks stop to make sure they were OK. Still, this video helps prove how scary the Nurburgring can be.

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