Watching This Ferrari FXX Evoluzione Crash Is Heartbreaking

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On the bright side, the driver's just fine.

Honestly, no one wants this to happen. Ever. But it sadly does on occasion. What you're about to witness is an incredibly rare Ferrari FXX Evoluzione lose control on the Monza racing circuit and violently smash into a wall. It ain't pretty. The footage comes courtesy of YouTuber 19Bozzy92 who, because his camcorder was in 'stand-by' mode, missed the first part of the crash, but we get the point. The track-only FXX Evoluzione is a goner. So, what led up to the crash?

According to 19Bozzy92, the driver had completed his warm up lap and was beginning his first fast lap. Track conditions? Wet and humid, depending on location. Knowing that, the driver was going at full speed on the main straight, but began braking between the 250-200 meter (820 -656 feet) spot just before the first chicane.

At this time the FXX was going about 167 mph. Then the driver hit the brakes and the trouble began (start from the 6:17 mark in the video). All four wheels locked and the FXX began sliding without decelerating. As 19Bozzy92 describes it, this was like sliding on the asphalt like a bar of soap on the floor. Was this entirely the driver's fault? Probably not. Although he did brake too late on what was clearly a wet track, there could also have been a mechanical problem with the brakes themselves. Who knows. Can this FXX Evoluzione be repaired? Probably, assuming there wasn't any serious frame and axle damage.

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